Ottersberg: Storytelling

TitelStorytelling Through Creative Arts and Contemplative Pedagogies
Autor/in oder Ansprechpartner/inProf. Dr. Leonard Cruz
Zielgruppe/ Teilnehmer/innenKinder bis Erwachsen (BIPOC Gemeinschaft)
Zeitrahmen/ Anzahl Stunden und Turnus90 Minuten
InhalteStructure of Workshop (90 minutes):
– Two centering techniques: Awaken Meditation Practice (Shamatha) and Smiling Breath Technique.
– Introduction of myself, work and the importance of storytelling while incorporating creativity, the Arts, and the contemplative practices.
– Mindfulness Ice Breaker with Nature Postcards placed on the floor throughout the room. Participants will find the postcard that resonates most to them (a memory, feeling, and or impression). They then will be asked to find someone that they do not know and share their stories. (First time storytelling happens.)
– First Thoughtful Question for Storytelling; “Today, what are you grateful for?“ After reflection, I will have the participants share their grateful story with another person they have not met. Participants will then explore their stories through acting/rapping/singing as well as adding to their stories-gesture/ movement/body percussion?
– Second Thoughtful Question for Storytelling: “Today, what are you concerned about?” After this reflection, participants will find a new partner and then explore sharing their stories of concern through drawing images and short statement/s that best depicts their story of concern.
– To end this interactive workshop, I will lead in another meditation focusing on creative visualization and refocusing back on the nature postcard that each individual selected at the beginning of the workshop. I will then end with the question, “What positive impact will I make today?”
– Q&A
AusschreibungstextCreativity, the Arts, and the Contemplative Practices have existed for thousands of years and by incorporating them to storytelling (which has also existed since the dawn of time) allows storytellers to express themselves in interdisciplinary ways while at the same time engaging the mind, body, and spirit with presence, authenticity, and embodiment. This interactive interdisciplinary workshop will integrate visual art-making, music, writing, storytelling, somatic dance/movement, and mindfulness/awareness practices by inviting the workshop participant for artistic expression, creative exploration, embodiment and renewal. The main focus of activities will be on the storyteller by cultivating authenticity, inclusion, embodiment, and empowerment; transforming and impacting our personal and professional lives whether it be as a life- long learner, teacher, therapist, and or community activist/leader.
Ziele/RelevanzParticipants will:
1. Understand the possibilities and impact that storytelling has when incorporating the Arts, Creativity, and Contemplative Practices. Having the tools to allow students to authentically share their stories by healing and empowering the body, mind, and spirit, while at the same time cultivating an artistic, expressive, and ethical way of life.
2. Unite practice and theory, where the arts, creativity, and the contemplative practices can be explored and researched to not only fulfill conventional academic aspirations, but also point toward entirely new models of expression and learning within internal, relational, and societal development. 3. Excavate one’s personal, authentic experiences through storytelling while incorporating and promoting the arts, creativity, and the contemplative practices.
4. Explore and pursue personal, professional and artistic development by incorporating storytelling through creativity, art-making, and the contemplative practices.
5. Experience the therapeutic effects (medicine/healing) of storytelling, through the artistic, creative, contemplative practices, and the benefits it has on one’s physical body, mental health, and well-being.
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BemerkungenI need an open space and materials of: butcher paper and crayons/color pencils for participants to draw and write with.

— Stand: November 2022